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General settings

Each customer may have different needs that require special configurations, but in general, the following AnyDesk custom package configuration can be used in most cases:

Advanced settings

If you want to enable or disable AnyDesk features, it is possible to include some of these configuration keys in the "Advanced" section:

  • Disable clipboard ad.security.sync_clipbrd=false
  • Forbid session recording from remote ad.security.record_session=false
  • Disable local session recording ad.recording.auto_start=false
  • Disable viewing of system information ad.security.sysinfo=false
  • Hear my computer's sound output ad.security.uaccess.hear_audio=false
  • Access my computer's clipboard to transfer files ad.security.uaccess.clipboard.files=false
  • Create TCP tunnels ad.security.uaccess.tcp_tunnel=false
  • Select Display Quality options ad.image.quality_preset=0,1,2(0:Best Quality, 1:Balanced, 2:Responsive)
  • Audio Transmission Mode ad.audio.transmit_mode=0,1,2,3 (0:Disable; 1:Standard,default; 2:Transmit audio output; 3:Specify)

A complete list of settings can be found here:  https://support.anydesk.com/Custom_Client_Advanced_Options

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