publicado Sep 29, 2021 in English by 318 views

In this update we focus on user management, flexibility of assignments and repetitive tasks.

Cloning repeating classes.

If you need to schedule the same class repetitively throughout a period of time, you can now clone reservations, so the name, teacher, and student group are preserved and you can use them to schedule on a different date. This makes the scheduling of repetitive classes more efficient while maintaining the necessary flexibility when taking into account holidays or maintenance days.

New user profile administration.

Users (administrators and monitors) can manage their profiles to change their name, contact information and password by themselves. It is also possible to remove users from the "users" tab using the "remove" option.

Permissions for users with the role "monitor".

Monitors can be granted specific permissions at the discretion of administrators. To do this, it is only necessary to choose the desired permissions when creating the "monitor" user or edit the user to change the permissions if it is an existing user.

Flexible device mapping.

When creating a device it is possible to assign it directly to a room, but it is also possible to re-assign it later to a different room.